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Special Events

Join us for the P2C PLUS Hackathon, powered by Indigitous.

What is a Hackathon? A Hackathon, for us, is time spent building technological solutions to real problems through a faith lens. There is a valuable role for you to play in the building of his Kingdom! We invite you to come and experience the joy and opportunity God gives you to be a part of his work.

This event gets underway at 9am and concludes with each team presenting their solutions to a panel of judges the morning of Dec 31st.  See the schedule below for more details.

Reserve your spot by getting the P2C PLUS Hackathon (reserve your seat) ticket on Eventbrite. The Hackathon is free with any P2C PLUS student ticket (only 30 available).


Voke is a video sharing app that kick-starts deeper conversations that matter. A great project if you have skills and interest in AI and other components of app development?

Marketing project for P2C-Students Equipped Small Group Resources.
The Equipped Series: Loving and Serving Jesus for a Lifetime provides a small group experience to take students deeper in loving and serving Jesus. Each book focuses on a foundational aspect of faith and provides a platform for self-discovery that engages both the head and the heart. Help P2C share these exciting new small group resources with students, churches, and ministries across the country.
Learn more about the Equipped Series at p2c.sh/equipped.

FaithTech Website Development
Faithtech will be presenting an opportunity to contribute to building a website to help save lives and give people hope. It would be a new initiative related to HowToKillYourself.org, a site powered by people who care, and who want you to find the stuff you need to save your life, not to help you end it. Learn more about their current projects at faithtech.com/labs/

Wildcard project – do you have a project you are passionate about that has potential to build God’s Kingdom? Submit Solution


Dec 28 – 8:30-9am – check-in
Dec 28 9am-7pm, lunch provided (main session starts at 7pm) Hopefully by 11am, settled into their teams and projects
Dec 28 9pm-midnight – snacks provided
Dec 29 9pm-midnight – snacks provided
Dec 30 9pm-midnight – snacks provided
Dec 31 8am-9:30am – judging and conclusion – snacks provided
Dec 31 9:30am – showcase winner at main session (2 min)

Outside of these official Hackathon times, you are all welcome to continue working on your projects at your personal discretion.

Make sure to get P2C PLUS Hackathon (reserve your spot) ticket so we know you are coming.

By participating in the P2C PLUS Hackathon, you agree to our community agreement.